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Kingdom of Crystal

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The night was dark and stormy. I was walking to the Dana Mall. Dark clouds were everywhere and lighting flashed every second. It felt like the end of the world. I wasn’t scared or anything but it felt weird. It was like a boy in the middle of an empty city. There were no cars passing by or anybody outside. Suddenly rain started pouring down. It kept getting harder every second. Quickly I went under a tree. I looked up and saw a shiny crystal. It was odd to see something like this in a tree. First I examined it. It was an oval shaped crystal with a bright light in the center. Then I picked it up from the leaf and touched it. To my surprise, the crystal was warm! I looked at the light. Then I kept staring at it and I felt dizzy. There were stars everywhere and then it was all darkness.

I was awakened by the sound of heavy footsteps. I sat up and found I was in an enormous room. I realized at once, this was another world. I just couldn’t believe it! It was very different from our Earth. Everything was blue or shiny blue. Then suddenly a door opened that I didn’t noticed before. There were four large, weird looking aliens that were armed. Just as they saw me getting up, they pointed there guns at me. They were like us, human beings, but bigger, and their heads were different looking. I started saying anything to defend myself and somehow they understood. They motioned me to get up and start walking. It was very beautiful outside. Everything was shiny and looked as though as it was real. We walked for about five minutes. There were many twists and turns made, and finally we reached this enormous door. There were two guards at each side of the door. Then they opened the door. I realized this was their king. We all walked forward and then all the guards bended on their knees. From the curtains, arose an alien that wore lots of shiny clothes. He said something in his language and the guards went outside. Then they closed the door. The king looked at me like it was the first time he had seen a human being. Then he said in English, “welcome to the kingdom of crystal.” I just kept staring at him and said nothing. “You don’t talk human?” “I want to go back to Earth.” “You don’t like it here.” “I do, but I am not sure if it’s safe here.” “Please let me return to Earth.” “You can go back to Earth under one condition.” “What is it?” “Tell me about your daily life.” I told him everything I do daily, what I do in school and what I have done recently.” He looked at me and smiled. “You can have one of my crystals”, he said. I looked at him as though as he was joking with me. Then he opened a box and took one shiny crystal out and handed it to me. It was very beautiful. I didn’t know what to say except for “thank you.” I looked at the light and I felt dizzy. There were stars everywhere and then it was all darkness. I was back under the tree. The dark and stormy night was gone. There was a clear dark sky. I looked at the crystal and the shiny light was not there. I started thinking about what I would do with the crystal. I could have sold it and become a multi-millionaire or showed it to my friends. But I decided to keep it and not show it to anyone. What would you do?


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My Holiday

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This Eid break was pretty busy. But I still didn’t get to do what I wanted.

At the beginning of the holiday, I would go outside anytime I was free and play. This would usually be at nighttime. Some of the other guys in YIC would come out too. We would run for about 10 minutes, and then play soccer or volleyball. This could get very trying. Sometimes we would play Truth or Dare. Unfortunately not everybody showed up so I couldn’t go out.

At home it was all the same. My mom forced me to go to the night prayers. So my schedule was turned around. The prayers would start at 1:00 and end at 4:00. When I came home I would eat and then go to sleep.

On the 28th, my dad said we would be going to Madinah. I got so bored in the car, I felt like dying. In Madinah, all I did was pray, eat, and sleep. Once I was going to the bathroom and my cell went down the toilet hole. I was removing my pants and somehow the cell came out too. I was so mad and sad, I didn’t do my business. Then I looked at the hole and it was at least two meters deep. I didn’t want to put my hands in their! So I came out, told my dad and he said it was ok. I also got mad at him for saying that. He just kept tell me to relax.

When we came back to Yanbu, we had dinners over at people’s houses. It was fun because a lot of my friends were there. There was lots of good food to eat too.      


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Keenest vision of all Birds

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Large prey birds have the keenest vision.  They can target an object at a distance three or more times greater than humans. A peregrine falcon can spot a pigeon at a range of over 5 miles under ideal conditions.

These birds can fly very fast. Peregrine can reach speeds close to 320 km-h in a downward dive. They use their speed and swiftness to catch birds in mid-air. Their diet include songbirds, ducks, sparrows, and bats.

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If you could meet any famous person who is alive today, who would you pick and why?”

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I would love to meet Ronaldinho someday. He is a Brazilian footballer. He plays for the A.C. Milan club and the Brazilian national team. He won the FIFA World Player of the Year, European Footballer of the Year, and FIFPro World Player of the Year awards.

He was born to play soccer. Nobody can move like Ronaldinho. It’s very fast on the field. He is like the magician. There is always a smile in his football. He has the best free kicks and amazing footwork. A lot of people don’t support Barcelona but they would go for Ronaldinho. There is so much tension on him, but he acts very calm. He is the Golden Boy!

I would ask him; how it felt playing at top level, and did he ever imagined he would be a superstar. He could teach me some of his amazing tricks and teach me how to shoot from half court. This way I could have more confident in soccer and play professional someday.


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Letter from an Early Colonist

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September 11, 1609

Dear Mom and Dad,

  It’s me, John Hoover. It’s been ages since I heard from you or wrote to you.  Here in Virginia things aren’t going too well. Our three ships brought over a hundred male colonists. We named our settlement Jamestown.

It feels very different here. It’s like nobody lives here. The settlement is near water so fortunately we never have shortage of it. There are huge lands behind our settlement. It goes as far as our eyes can see, where the sky meets the land. The land is filled with hills and mountains. To me, the mountains appear as if there is hidden treasure. The land is also abundant in fish, deer, hares, fruits, and roots.

Our captain, John Smith complained that “ten good workmen would have done more substantial work in a day than ten of us in a week.” I don’t quite agree with this. Almost none of the men have farming experience or useful skills to build houses. Other than me, a very small quantity of men get work completed productively. The rest only care about wealth. Gold and silver is on their mind at all times. They did not contribute in the welfare of this town and were not helpful at all to build our colony.

Our place is not a very good settlement. It is surrounded by marshes full of disease-carrying mosquitoes. The water was way too salty to drink. By winter two thirds of our colonists died from diseases and hunger. The few of us that survived were hungry and sick. Soon another leader took control. He forced everybody to work and build better housing. This way there was less death.

We also received help from the powerful Powhatan Confederacy. A man named Wahunsonacock led this alliance of Algonquian Indian. These people would bring food to us. They also taught us how to grow corn. But sometimes we took food from them with force. We didn’t have a choice or we would die.

Once more the winter came and our leader was not present. This time it was worse. Only sixty of us were alive. We had no food or water and this place is packed with diseases. Currently, one of the colonists is working to solve this problem. I hope we can survive and make profit for the London Company.


John Hoover





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Portugal and Venezuela Strike Deals on Housing and Computers

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The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, signed of a deal to provide social housing and personal computers to the South American country. He ordered 1 million low-cost laptops from Portugal. They are also going to  build 50,000 pre-fabricated homes.

A Portuguese company will make the computers to be delivered to Venezuelan students from December this year.

“We are building a solid relationship” with Portugal, Chavez said.

“It’s a lot more than exporting computers,” Prime Minister Jose Socrates said. “It’s about cooperating with Venezuela to set up a programme similar to what we have in Portugal. The aim is to improve education.”

The two countries also agreed to cooperate on energy, notably on gas and electricity. Petroleos de Venezuela and Portuguese energy group EdP also will proceed with plans to develop a liquefied natural gas plant in Venezuela.

Venezuela recently sent Portugal a tanker carrying 1 million barrels of oil as part of an energy deal.


laptops ready to be transferred to Venezuela

laptops ready to be transferred to Venezuela

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M.B.C vs S.A.

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In the Massachusetts Bay Colony woman’s had more independence than in Saudia Arabia. Their, woman’s didn’t have to wear an abaaya or cover their faces from men. However they had the same duties. They would obey their husbands and run the household. In return, the husband’s must treat their wives with love and kindness.

Prayers were differently in M.B.C. In M.B.C. the colonists heard two sermons on Sundays. This would bring all the members together. However in S.A. people pray 5 times daily. They don’t have churches or temples but mosques. Woman’s can pray too but it’s better for them to pray in their houses.

Education is almost the same. In M.B.C. parents wanted their children to able to read the bible. In S.A. parents want their children to read the Quran. In M.B.C. there was tobacco and other drugs that are not allowed in S.A. In M.B.C. colonist had to work hard usually. In S.A. there is a lot of oil. Everybody works in the oil companies. 




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